Our Story

When our four year old came home with another bad cold and as usual refused to take his medicine, we were desperate to find a better way to ease his experience.
After much trial and error in the kitchen we created MommaBear, a kid-health company focused on remedies made with wholesome organic ingredients and loaded with antioxidants. Created with just the right about of love and sweetness, even the most discerning little cubs will enjoy. 
Best of all, our MommaBear pops come in the perfect single serve dose, perfect for travel or busy on-the-go mommy and daddy Bears.

About our founder

Growing up in Queens New York, the daughter of two Colombian immigrants, Soraya was exposed to many natural/herbal/homeopathic remedies native to the farmlands of Cali, Colombia. Her parents always kept her and her siblings healthy with simple, natural products steeped in a tradition of success.
Becoming a MommaBear has helped Soraya return to her roots. It is with a great sense of love, pride, responsibility and utmost of care, that she shares MommaBear products with you.