A Little less judgement, a Little more Thanksgiving 2.0

A Little less judgement, a Little more Thanksgiving 2.0

Today, I was running 10 minutes late to my son's school. After I dropped him off, I walked back home through my usual route.  On the corner I saw about six parents huddled together in chatter. One woman turned to look in my direction and gave a wave. I smiled and waved right back, but it turns out she was looking past me to the parent walking behind me as she asked ‘John’ to come join them for their chat.

What hurt too was in the past, I had gone out of my way to arrange playdates with some of these moms. The specific mom who called out for ‘John’, I had invited to my apartment for coffee last year, and had texted her on several occasions to check in and see how she was doing (she was launching her own business and i know how stressful this can be!). I even tried to help when she texted me out of the blue last summer asking, “could you tell me more about your sitter! I may need someone”.

As I walked by them I was reminded of my high school years and what an outcast I was. Every morning on my way into the building, the popular girls were huddled by the entrance making judgement calls on all who walked past them. It made me feel like the smallest person in the world. 

Later that same morning, I went to yoga. A place for inner peace, relaxation and meditation.  Unfortunately, during class I was distracted by the woman next to me who had her phone face up all session. The instructors always advises us to turn off our phones during class. Her ringer was off, but the bright light of texts and calls kept me completely distracted the entire time. 

Suffice to say, after a morning of being snubbed by the wannabe cool kids, I had had enough!  Excuse me Ma’’am I said, but before I could let out a word she turned to me and said, “I’m sorry I have a sick child at home and I needed to keep it on during class”. Well if that didn’t shut me up quick. I went from hero to zero in ten seconds as I thought back to that group of parents only earlier that morning and how quickly I had jumped to judge them too.

I had proceeded to do what I ask my kids not to do to others and jumped to premature conclusions. I was a big fat hypocrite!  I mean, what did I really know about any of them? Maybe they were there to offer support to a sick friend, or maybe they felt uncomfortable at school and this group had been a warm welcoming bunch who had been there for each of them.  What if they were meeting up to put together gift packages for our teachers or sick cancer patients? More importantly, who was I to judge them?

I’ve tried to raise my kids to be open minded, kind and caring little beings, so it is only right I lead through example.  I thought there was a big lesson to learn from today’s events.  I’m reminded of all the many blessings and gifts I have in my life.  I’m also reminded of what my dad used to say to me when I was younger, “when you point one finger at someone, remember there are three pointing back at you!” 

The last few years have been difficult for everyone but despite this, I know we all have many things to be grateful for.  As the Holidays approach, I remind myself to do a little less judgement and a little more Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays from the entire MommaBear Team.

P.S - We are currently out of stock, but stay tuned to hear about product restock. As always Thank you for your support, it is one of the many things we are grateful for this season. 

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