Back To School Must Haves for 2022

We are very excited to share we just were awarded WBENC's, National Women's Business Enterprise Certification.

 PBS interview with Soraya at Momma Bear Organics

"We speak to Soraya Benitez, founder and ceo of MommaBear Organics"


 Newsweek MommaBear Organics Feature Article

"Parents Everywhere Are Raving About These 12 Products"


"Best Natural First Aid & Remedy Products 2022"



"Homeopathic lollipops - MommaBear"


"Morning Sickness Remedy By A Real Mom That Actually Works!" 

"We had the good fortune of connecting with Soraya Benitez and we’ve shared our conversation"


USA Today MommaBear Organics Feature Article

"A tasty lollipop designed to combat motion sickness"


"The All-Natural Remedy Every Mom Needs To Know About"


"In Conversation With MommaBear Founder Soraya Benitez"


Lara Schmoisman

"Soraya Benitez is the Founder and CEO of MommaBear, a maker of carefully crafted and organic, delicious homeopathic solutions for common ailments that the whole family can enjoy"