Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your lollipops organic?

Yes, our products are organic and carefully sourced and we are working hard on receiving our USDA certified organic designation.

What is the recommended age of use?

Our products are ideal for children from 3-99. Under the age of three, we suggest you consult with your pediatrician. Children under the age of one should not be given honey.

Are the lollipop ingredients allergy safe?

We recommend you check with your doctor if you have any allergies.

Are your lollipops nut-free?

Our products are nut and gluten-free but are made in a facility where nut products are made.

Is all sugar created equal?

MommaBear uses cane sugar in our lolipops, a raw form of sugar that is less processed than table sugar. Unlike white refined sugar, which is stripped of all its nutritional value, unrefined cane sugar has the same vitamin and mineral consistency as sugarcane plant juice. Sugarcane juice is naturally rich in antioxidants, namely polyphenols, which helps defend against free radicals and toxins found in the environment.

Are you Kosher?

Our lollipops are made in a Kosher certified facility and we are working on getting our own kosher certification.

Whyare your wrappers a little cumbersome to take off? 

There is a two fold
reason for this.  First, it helps to keep children (especially those
younger than the age of 1), away from having too many.  The biggest
reason is that this product contains honey.  Honey has a
higher moisture content, for this reason our lollies are wrapped in a
suction plastic that might be a little harder to open than conventional
lollipops.  This is so they preserve their form factor and get to you in
the freshest way possible.

Do your Elderberry lollipops contain real pieces of Elderberry

Yes! Our Elderberry
lollies are made with real elderberry pieces.  This is the reason you
might feel a little raspiness on the tongue as you get to the center of the
lollipop. Rest assured we use the highest quality ingredient in its purest
because we know you understand the benefits of this wonder herb!

Whatare you doing to help the planet?

We care about our planet and have worked hard with our
manufacturer to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our wrappers by about
50%.  Our bags are also made with at least 50% PCR (post consumable
recyclable material) and our hope is to get this to 100% over time.  Our
bags are made using digital printing methods that are carbon neutral and better
for the environment than conventional printing methods. We also donate a
portion of our sales to the National Conservancy Fund.